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Clean and Repel

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Weight : 3 lbs

This kit is our most popular ‘mini’ kit for obvious reasons. You’re getting everything you need to clean your shoes, and protect them from future stains and moisture. The kit is also incredibly transportable, allowing for a great place in any suitcase or travel bag.

Are you looking to Refresh your shoes? Look no further than the all natural Refreshed Shoe Cleaner Clean and Repel Kit, with everything you need to make your shoes new again. The kit contains one bottle of our patented Cleaner and Conditioner, and one bottle of the popular Refreshed Shoe Cleaner Water & Stain repellant. The kit also comes with a specially designed scrub brush to help you dislodge any dirt or debris. For the best value, consider the entire Refreshed Kit.

$36.00 $29.99

Weight 3 lbs

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